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[Picture of Entombed] ENTOMBED - The best band that exists!

Uprising is now out on CD in Europe and Japan!

    No news about touring right now...

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  • The new album ("Uprising") is released in Japan, with a bonustrack (recorded at the same time as the rest of the album), and the album will soon be out in the US with three new-recorded songs. Still no news about when it'll be released on vinyl.

  • Richard Cabeza is back in Dismember. He has been for a year or so, but I didn't know, and neither did most people I guess, since there is hard to get any new info about Dismember. They are in the making of a homepage though, and it is supposed to be online in a while...

  • Murder Squad has recorded an album, and it will hopefully be out after the summer, since they have some record-deal on the way. Murder Squad = Matti Kärki (Dismember) - vocals, Uffe Cederlund - guitar, Richard Cabeza (Dismember) - bass, Flinta Stjärnvind - drums.

  • A new thrash-band called Born of Fire will soon record something. The band consists of Flinta - drums, Richard Cabeza (Dismember) - bass, Fredda Lindgren (Terra Firma, Loud Pipes, ex-Unleashed) - guitar, and a guy called Dimman.

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  • Dismember and Coercion for being X-tremely brutal and cool!
  • All bands on the page!
  • Close-UP magazine, Pär "66" Arvidsson, Uffe Cederlund, Richard Cabeza, Matti Kärki, Jonas Derouche, Rickard Ölund, Per/Kids are Sick, Åsa "Åzagtoth" Swanö, Cancer-Kenta (Where the heck is my tape?!) & Dan Arne "D.A." Edman for giving me tons of info!
  • Headbangers Against Disco & Cryptkicker/DENIMzine for the work against bad music/culture. Support!
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  • Billing, Henke, Julle, Ludde, Niklas & Viktor.
  • Fredrik Megajosefsson, The Gook, Kristian, John/Eternal Autumn, Mando (you rule!), OG (good luck with the band!), Karl Sundström and Krister "First man on the north-pole" From (was it 0,023?) for... well... hmm... ok, just being!
  • Jú, and my dark friends from Brazil!
  • IFP, Richard (and the other sick motherfuckers) at SMF, Jukebox, Static Age, Hot Stuff, Heathendoom and all the others, from which I buy my records!
  • JT.
  • Jonny Superstar and Plan9 for worshipping me for not having a record deal! =þ
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  • All Entombed fans. Hail!

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